Griffin Catalyst works across six focus areas to expand opportunity and improve lives. Through philanthropy, advocacy, and thought leadership, Griffin Catalyst pursues solutions to large-scale problems with the potential for life-changing impact.



Unlocking the transformative power of education and inspiring future generations of problem-solvers.

Science & Medicine

Pushing the frontiers of science and medicine to drive progress and improve lives.


Increasing the stability, resiliency, and vitality of communities.

Upward Mobility

Promoting pathways to opportunity and breaking down barriers to help individuals thrive.

Freedom & Democracy

Strengthening American freedoms, promoting civic engagement, and working to make government more effective.

Enterprise & Innovation

Supporting dynamic solutions through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Countries represented among Harvard Griffin Scholars


People connected to free internet at home through Chicago Connected and Miami Connected


Ever imaging of alpha-synuclein in the living human brain a critical step toward understanding Parkinson’s