Griffin Catalyst reflects Ken Griffin’s strategic approach to tackling the world’s greatest challenges, advancing innovative, data-driven, and timely solutions.

Identifying critical areas of need, with a focus on delivering meaningful and scalable results, Griffin Catalyst partners with high-impact organizations – public and private, large and small – to test novel methods, produce evidence about what works, and drive forward powerful solutions. Griffin Catalyst aspires to transform lives and better our communities, our nation, and our world.

Helping to ensure that people have access to educational opportunities, that vital pathways to economic mobility remain open for hardworking individuals, that people live longer and healthier lives, that communities remain strong and vibrant, and that free speech, free enterprise, and democracy are vigorously supported, Griffin Catalyst seeks not only to preserve but also to expand the American Dream.

Driving Impact. Accelerating Change.

See how Ken Griffin’s story shaped his unique perspective on civic engagement and inspired his commitment to helping others.
Griffin Catalyst: Our Impact (4:36)


Ken Griffin discusses his recent move to Miami at the Economic Club of Miami in November 2022.
Photo Credit: Economic Club of Miami

About Griffin Catalyst

Griffin Catalyst is the civic engagement initiative of Citadel founder and CEO Ken Griffin, encompassing his personal philanthropy and community impact efforts. Tackling our most persistent challenges, Griffin Catalyst is dedicated to driving change at scale.